The magic words Free and New.

Perhaps it will be very difficult for me to discover something new to you here, because you will have seen thousands of offers that carry one of these two words as their flag. You might wonder, does it really work? Doesn’t it sound too “common” already? Well yes, they still work. Numerous studies have shown that these two words multiply people’s attention and desire . (Hey, don’t even think about telling your partner… Honey, a new and free one?). Let me summarize the example that Roger Dooley explains in his book Brainfluence :

“Researchers conducted a study

Study in which they offered different people a small chocolate (a common and inexpensive brand) for 1 cent and a Lindt truffle (much tastier and more expensive) for 15 cents (less than 50% of its usual price) . A high industry email list percentage of people naturally chose the truffle. They then changed the experiment and made the chocolate free and the truffle for 14 cents. Do you know the result? “The vast majority chose the chocolate . ” These studies, which you may think are simply coincidences, have a scientific basis and statistical support. Ok, maybe you would take the truffle, but if you have the opportunity, offer the chocolate and you will see how your results skyrocket:

2. Adjectives that DO work.

Molded Bread or Spongy Bimbo Bread. Serrano Ham or Jamó de Jabugo. Productivity Course or Quick and effective Personal Productivity Course. Cheeseburger or 100% Beef Burger with creamy Chedar cheese. You see the difference? Although Marketing List many of us recommend, according to the not so new recommendations on how to write for the web , that all our texts should be as simple and concise as possible, [piopialo]adjectives continue to have a very powerful effect on our minds[/piopialo]. Although our rational mind prefers a simple enumeration, our subconscious is able to process these adjectives and evoke the emotions and feelings they entail .

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