Barilla unveils a gadget that cooks pasta without scorching the planet

In Europe, citizens have been exhausted lately by the galloping price of inflation The corrosive impact of fossil fuels on the environment. In this gloomy context Barilla has decided to do its part to provide some encouragement. To the suffocated planet Earth by creating an intelligent device that reduces carbon emissions during the cooking of its famous Italian pasta. Signed by Publicis Italia/Le Pub in which it recovers the traditional way of preparing pasta : the so-called passive cooking. According to this method, after letting the pasta cook in boiling water for two minutes. You must proceed to turn off the heat and let the pasta cook “passively” with the lid of the pot on until it is ready.

The popular transalpine brand has launched a campaign

Aware that this (patient) way of cooking industry email list is definitely not suitable for the unrepentant frenzy of the 21st century. Barilla has pulled out of its hat an intelligent device that. Placed in the upper part of the pot. communicates to the cook the exact moment when the pasta is ready. The gadget, whose technology is open source. Has been developed by Le Garage. The technology studio of Publicis Italia/Le Pub. Connects to the user’s smartphone through an app that exceptionally accurately measures the optimal cooking time. Sends an alert when the pasta is finally ready. This phenomenal invention reduces carbon emissions by 80% compared to the usual pasta cooking method.

The Gadget whose technology is open source

If you do not see the embedded video correctly, click here Marketing List Barilla has also created a WhatsApp Bot equipped with a step-by-step guide that novice cooks can use to make sure they prepare the pasta correctly. To promote its fabulous invention, Barilla has created a campaign permeated with retro inspiration that bears the signature of the artistic collective Toiletpaper led by the artist Maurizio Cattelan and the photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari. This is not the first time that Barilla has combined traditional pasta cooking with the latest technology. Last year, the brand launched a series of “playlists” on Spotify specially designed as timers to cook pasta “al dente” without leaving it mushy. 

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