Brands going overseas new marketing trends

This is a common question that seems to be asked every year. In the past year, the cross-border industry has been complex and ever-changing. With costs soaring and profits under pressure, overseas sellers have faced many challenges. However, no matter what, it is certain that the cross-border e-commerce industry is bound to usher in a new era in the future. Wave of new growth. On the contrary, as competition in the industry intensifies, higher requirements are placed on sellersā€™ comprehensive operations and marketing capabilities. Now we have to admit that some new trends in cross-border e-commerce have emerged.

Overseas mobile e-commerce is on the rise

In the past three years the epidemic has led to changes. In the overall cross-border e-commerce industry environment. And more and Chinese Overseas Canada Number Data more overseas consumers have developed the habit of onlineĀ  shopping. Among them, mobile orders account for half of the country. Data shows that 67% of global cross-border e-commerce sales come from mobile devices. And it is speculated that within the next two years. Mobile e-commerce will account for 73% of all global e-commerce sales. At the same time, this change in consumption habits is not just a flash in the pan. According to relevant surveys 78% of consumers prefer to use. Mobile apps to purchase goods rather than open the web pc version. This also means that if a seller has 100 orders per week. Then about 80 traders will get them from the mobile app. Obviously, the era of mobile terminals has arrived.

Special Data

Of consumers pay more attention to consumption experience

Today, user experience is one of the most critical factors in consumer purchasing decisions. It is no exaggeration to say that starting from product selection, the battle for Marketing List consumer experience among sellers begins, from product quality, packaging, price to logistics, after-sales and other aspects. A good customer experience can improve a merchant’s status in the minds of customers and increase brand loyalty. According to e-commerce statistics, nearly 80% of consumers believe that the experience provided by a brand is as important as products and services. At the same time, overseas consumers are also very different from domestic consumers in terms of purchasing preferences and experience pursuits. They will be more inclined to personalized or customized products.

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