These are the trends in influencer marketing for 2023

Users consume more and more video and audio content. Which is leading brands to create influencer marketing campaigns on platforms such. As youtube, twitch and tiktok. Now adding all those where the content is in podcast format. A format that is has become popular and is expected to grow even more.

Taking into account that you can currently find content on virtually. Any topic in video and audio format. As well as influencers specialized in these topics. Finding those who are present on more. Than one platform is key to reaching a larger audience and being more successful in the media. In other words, influencers who make both video formats. On platforms such as tiktok or instagram, for example, and podcast formats on spotify, podimo or ivoox. What must be taken into account is that content creators tend to have a preference for one platform, but they tend to also be on others if they consider that their audience is also there.

More popularity of micro and nano influencers

there are different types of influencers, known Belgium Whatsapp Number List as nano-influencers. which are those who have a few thousand followers; micro influencers, who usually have a few tens of thousands; macro-influencers, who usually have hundreds of thousands; and, from there, those with more fame would come, who usually have more than half a million. Although at first it may seem that having the collaboration of a very famous influencer with more than half a million followers is a way to ensure the success of the campaign, it is not. It has been possible to verify that nano-influencers and micro-influencers, despite having fewer followers, tend to have a much higher participation rate and the impact.

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They have on them is greater

Brands that focus on these types Marketing List of influencers will be able to stretch their budgets much further, which will allow them to run much more striking and attractive campaigns and reach a much more receptive audience. For this reason, companies are increasingly interested in including nano and micro influencers in their influencer marketing strategies . The 5 types or categories of influencers on instagram | the plan company video content boom the popularity of the short video format on social networks such as tiktok and instagram has made brands look for this type of content to reach their target audience.

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