What is Web3 Operation, examples and vision for the future

If the web1 allowed us to read information from anywhere in the world and the web2 to interact and share our lives and experiences, the web3 is gradually arriving to give the user more independence with respect to the big technologies. But that’s not all, this new era of the internet also aims to introduce new dynamics in monetary exchanges with the creation of digital assets or currencies , such as the famous cryptocurrencies . This dependency that seems to be arriving with the web3 will allow users to have more control over their digital identity and the content they share. In this way, they can decide to whom they give their data and how far they want their privacy to go .

Lastly, web3 will be a great ally for brands

The new era of the internet Belarus Whatsapp Number List could have been produced by technological evolution. With techniques such as machine learning, big data or ai. These are capable of analyzing and storing data practically automatically, making it possible for users to receive much more personalized content and information tailored to their tastes. In addition to all of the above, this new era will also bring with it the possibility of connecting everyday objects to the internet, such as light bulbs. This is what we call the internet of things or iot . Finally, web3 is also known as the semantic web because it will better understand human search intentions, their nuances and complexity, offering results that better meet their needs.

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What is its relationship to the metaverse

The metaverse, that digital Marketing List world that is developing and in which we can experience. Alternative and tremendously immersive realities from the very living room of our house only with virtual reality glasses, is going to be part of this new web3, that is, the new the technology behind this new era of the internet is what brings the metaverse to life. However, they are different things, since both have different objectives. While web3 aims to change the way the internet works to make it more democratic, secure and free , the metaverse aspires to create digital universes in this new internet era. Despite this, they have many things in common: they aspire to offer users greater privacy and more control over data. They intend to offer an experience to users never seen before. They are based on blockchain technology to be able to provide a decentralized service.

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