Cash Crusaders comprehensively improves customer experience through WhatsApp Business API


Cash crusaders was established in cape town in 1996. It is a south african new and second-hand goods retailer. It currently has 220 offline stores, and consumers can also conduct transactions through its online platform. Products for sale include electronic products, sports equipment, musical instruments, etc. It also supports individuals to trade second-hand items. Cash crusaders’ vision is to add value to customers’ lives by supporting individuals with their businesses, thereby financially supporting and empowering communities. In this way, it has made a positive contribution to communities in southern africa. Andrea lucchetta, product manager at cash cruisers, said: “we are always committed to having merchants provide the best products for our communities and doing everything we can to be the retailer of choice. As we all know, whatsapp has a large user base, with 2.4 billion users in 180 countries.


The simplest way to communicate

Especially in south africa, whatsapp is a very popular communication method, almost equivalent to wechat in china. Enterprises can easily start conversations with customers through whatsapp business, the Taiwan Telegram Number Data business version of whatsapp, communicate and interact in real time, improve communication efficiency, and reduce communication costs. “Whatsapp is the easiest and most popular method of communication for customers who contact us through online channels to sell or pawn items,” said andrea lucchetta.  andrea said: “we were already using sms, voice, email and live chat. But the response rate wasn’t as high as we’d hoped, so we felt there was room for improvement. Now we’ve added whatsapp and we’re definitely seeing response rates has seen an increase.” in less than a month after going live, cash cruisers sent 3,661 notifications via whatsapp and received 5,860 responses.


Improve customer interaction and enhance customer care

Through whatsapp business, customers are supported during the purchase stage, aiming to increase customer interaction and enhance customer care. Help Marketing List complete the sales closed loop after the whatsapp channel was opened. Traffic began to pour in, making it convenient for customers to contact customer service in real time. Asking for product-related information, guiding customers to complete shopping, and improving the transaction success rate. Cash cruisers marketing manager lunique kroucamp theunissen said: “since we. Launched whatsapp business via cm.Com, we have successfully completed more transactions and can reach 3 more customers than when we only used sms and email. Times, achieving effects that previous. Text messages and emails could not achieve.” whatsapp business api is more compatible with msc customer service cloud. In order to better interact on whatsapp and provide better customer service, cash crusaders chose to use cm.

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