Judging from the ranking of global parcel volume

Blue book” released by xiaosheng research institute shows that. The top ten countries in terms of parcel volume sent by china in 2022 are: the united states. Japan, the united kingdom, germany, and canada. , france, russia, australia, brazil and spain. And Judging from the since the impact of the global epidemic in 2020. The parcel volume share of the top ten countries in terms of parcel. Volume sent by china from 2020 to 2022 has continued to. Increase, and their market share has increased from 75.55% in 2020 to 77.84%. Among them, europe and the united states as strong regional. Markets, still account for about 80% of the global cross-border e-commerce logistics market, and their revenue share among china’s top ten overseas companies reached 85.14%. In addition the most obvious growth is japan, which rose from seventh place. In 2020 (3.47%) to second place in 2022 (6.79%).

Since Brazil squeezed out Italy and entered the

Chinasend top10 countries in 2021, it has been growing for two consecutive years. But the shares of france and spain have The ranking of continued to decline. From the Switzerland Telegram Number Data perspective of logistics andĀ  transportation service types. Small parcel dedicated lines are a strong business format. Accounting for almost half of the cross-border e-commerce logistics market share. Among china’s top ten overseas companies, the revenue share is close to 60%, and small parcel dedicated line companies have comprehensive The ranking of business formats. It is relatively advanced in the process of globalization, has a relatively low dependence on the european and american markets.

Has a large space for market diversification, and is overall more explosive. On the contrary, fba logistics is the most powerful business format for china’s leading global enterprises, accounting for 46.66% of its overall revenue. However, it is highly dependent on the european and american markets. And has limited flexibility in business formats and market expansion. In recent years, overseas warehouses have served as the “Bridgehead” for cross-border e-commerce to go overseas, and.

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Have developed rapidly with cross-border e-commerce

In 2022, chinese logistics companies will build new warehouses in europe, japan, south korea, southeast asia, latinĀ  america, australia, and Marketing List africa. Among them, the largest proportion of new warehouse companies is in latin america The ranking of and the highest proportion of planned warehouses is in europe, japan, and south korea, followed by latin america, southeast asia, including australia, are building warehouses. Of course, some companies plan to build warehouses in the middle east and africa. North america has the largest number of overseas warehouses, accounting for 44.64%; followed by europe, japan, south korea, africa and latin america; and the remaining regions have more warehouses. The number of cross-border logistics companies accounts for less than 10%. Areas with larger single warehouse areas are mainly distributed in north america, southeast asia and australia.

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