What is agroindustry and how to work in this sector

Do you know what agroindustry is and why it is one of the most promising areas to work in Brazil? In this article, we talk more about this topic! A survey carried out by the German International Cooperation Agency , in partnership with Senai and the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, showed that in the next two years, careers linked to agribusiness should generate more than 178,000 jobs. In addition, the survey also pointed out that the forecast is that there will only be around 32,500 qualified professionals for these vacancies. That is, there will be at least five vacancies open for each qualified professional. Thus, we can say that the market needs agroindustry specialists more than ever. Do you want to know more about the career possibilities in this sector? Next, we explain what agroindustry is, its main types and what the job market is like in the area.

Within these two categories

The types of agroindustry How is the labor market in the agroindustry Degrees to work in the agroindustry Find out how many undergraduate courses  China Mobile Number List  there are in Brazil! What is agroindustry? Agroindustry is the sector responsible for the set of activities that involve the transformation of raw materials into by-products. The raw materials come from agriculture, livestock, aquaculture and forestry. That is, the agroindustry transforms these inputs into goods such as meat, fuel, cereals and clothing. Agroindustries can range from small family businesses to large agroindustrial complexes. In the first, raw materials are processed with the aim of being sold to the final consumer. Refrigerated items such as dairy products and sausages are examples in this regard. The second has the objective of modifying the raw material to give rise to a product that does not serve to feed an individual, such as biodiesel and clothing.


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The types of agroindustry

Within these two categories, we highlight the main types of agroindustry. Check out: Meat industry : is responsible for the industrialization of meat in general, performing slaughter, processing and storage. Dairy industry : is focused on the production of food  Marketing List  based on milk. Its main purpose is the manufacture of yogurts, natural, creamy and processed cheeses. Animal feed industry : it is responsible for the production of food for both livestock and pets. The objective is to guarantee a safe and nutritionally balanced food. Sugarcane industry : It is characterized by being a branch of the agroindustry that is responsible for the production of sugar, alcohol and other derivatives of sugarcane, such as ethanol and solvents. Textile industry : is an area that works with the transformation of fibers, yarns and fabrics. One of its main raw materials is cotton, although petroleum is also used. Plant extraction industry : responsible for the extraction of plant products such as wood, oils, fruits, rubber, among others.

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