What does a UX designer do and how to work in the area

Have you ever thought about working as a  designer? This is the professional responsible for thinking about all the elements on a website or application that affect the user experience. A good experience makes the product easy and simple for the user, which increases the chances of attracting and converting sales for a company. However, to achieve these goals, a number of aspects are involved. And the  designer is one of the central figures in this process. In this article. We present what makes a designer and explain what you need to work in this area. Stay with us! Here you will check: How much does a UX designer make? Courses to work as a designer Find out how many undergraduate courses there are in Brazil! What is UX Design The term Design comes from User Experience Design.

Have you ever thought

In direct translation, it means User Experience Design. This field of knowledge is responsible for thinking about ways to connect the interests of a product  Canada Mobile Number List  with the experience of a user. That is, its objective is to make a certain software, application or website as simple as possible for navigation, while bringing the greatest benefits to the company. Let’s imagine an  UX designer  online sales site, for example. The UX Design area. In this case, seeks to provide the customer with a pleasant experience that facilitates a series of factors, such as the search for a product. The shopping cart, among work  other functions. All this will increase the chances that this user will purchase a certain product from the company. With the  area advancement of digital and e-commerce, UX Design has become an indispensable sector for the most different types of businesses. Demanding more and more specialized professionals in the area: UX designers.


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In direct translation

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN UX DESIGN AND UI DESIGN When we talk about UX and UI Design. Many people still think that the two concepts are synonymous. After all, both are related to the user experience and aim to offer the best interface so that people are satisfied Marketing List  with the interaction they had with a particular application or website. However, it is important to emphasize that each of these areas has crucial differences. UI Design is the area responsible for the visual part of a project. That is, its function is to give websites, apps, social networks. Programs the face they have for the public. In other words, it is the area responsible for thinking about everything that is noticeable on a platform and collaborates with user interaction. This means, for example, placing a different button in a strategic position, choosing the colors and typography to be used on the platform in a coherent way, ensuring that the mobile and desktop versions are adequate, among other aspects.

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