How to measure happiness in the company

After the best work places smes 2014 award , many have asked us about the secrets of happiness in the company. Actually, it’s no secret: we all have a slight idea about what things make us happier and less happy, what things we can do to improve the work environment for employees. At cyberclick we do many things to try to improve the happiness of each and every one of the people who make up the company. From celebrations in the snow to internal training, including things as simple as empowering people and valuing their achievements. Photo the jamonada, a traditional celebration in the office. However, there is one basic thing without which none of this would make sense, and this is themeasurement of happiness .

The Art of Numbercraft

What is the use of making efforts to create happiness Indonesia Whatsapp Number List if we do not ask people what things they like more or less? How will we eliminate negativism and discomfort if we do not quickly detect what causes us unhappiness and act accordingly? For all this, we try to measure the level of happiness of all employees on a continuous basis. Every day , nearing the end of our day, we receive an e-mail entitled “Before you go…”, which contains three questions: in what mood have you arrived today? In what mood are you leaving today?

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Crafting Solutions through Numerical Techniques

From 1 to 10, how much do you like what you have Marketing List done today? Happiness they are three simple questions, which can be answered in two minutes, but which provide us with a lot of information about the aspects to be strengthened and improved in our daily lives. In addition, at the end of the form we have an open space in which we can make any contribution, explanation, idea, etc. The questionnaire, adapted to each season of the year, is always accompanied by a famous quote or song, helping to end the afternoon in the best possible way.

Before you go every monday, before we start discussing priorities and goals in our weekly meeting, we spend some time analyzing the results of our daily happiness test. Colloquially, we would say that we analyze “The traffic light”, since we see the number of reds, bittersweet (ambers), greens and super greens registered throughout the previous week.

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