The best inbound marketing trends for 2023

Short videos are one of the digital marketing trends that have had the most weight in recent years. According to hubspot’s marketing industry trends study, more than half of short-form video marketers plan to increase their investment by 2023. Plus, short-form video has the best roi of all social media strategies. Originally, short videos became popular with a younger audience through platforms like vine and tiktok. But today this format reaches all age groups and demographics through platforms like instagram, youtube and facebook. All kinds of brands have jumped on the bandwagon, from dental clinics to air conditioning installation companies. We now have several years of data, analysis and optimization of the results of short videos, so the time has come to refine our strategies and combine organic and paid short videos on platforms such as tiktok, instagram reels, tumblr, youtube and pinterest.

Podcasts and audiobooks for an inbound strategy

video is not the only content format Bolivia Whatsapp Number List available to marketers. Audio, through podcasts and even audiobooks, is a viable way to drive inbound traffic and nurture leads further down the conversion funnel. Traditional advertising frequently resorted to this format through the classic ads and sponsored content on the radio. It was a channel widely used to increase brand awareness in a wide audience at a relatively low cost. Podcasts can be a very powerful inbound marketing channel for brands that are focused on educating consumers, want to reach a slightly larger audience, and are looking to encourage audience engagement.

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The timeless inbound content strategy

Content marketing has been one Marketing List  of the key inbound marketing trends for 25 years and will continue to be so for a long time. But to achieve the best results and make the investment in content marketing profitable in 2023, we are going to focus on timeless or “evergreen” content . Timeless content is content that continues to provide value to users over time, with few or no updates. Typically, these are pieces of content that explain a topic in detail. Although they may require a certain amount of time and resources to create, their great advantage is that they continue to provide benefits for many years, so the return on investment is excellent.

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