How to improve the service of an ecommerce, by Mago do Ecommerce

Christopher Neiverth, better known as Mago do E-commerce, is considered one of the best ecommerce professionals, he is our guest to talk about the importance of good service in ecommerce. Read on! First of all. We need to keep this in mind: upgrading to ecommerce is not and will never be an easy process and done only once, and the results will not be immediate , to the point that How to improve  the next day you. For example, get double the sales, triple the Average Ticket, etc. When making improvements. You should always do maintenance, to see if everything is running correctly. And if the improvements can be improved even more. Remember that perfection is not in reaching a level and stopping there As if nothing wrong were to appear. Perfection is in always analyzing and evaluating all the processes and items of your ecommerce. And always looking for improvements and changes to reach the your goals .

By ignoring customer service

And one of the most important upgrades that many underestimate, some to the point of completely neglecting (and shooting themselves in the foot in the process), is customer service.  When talking about ecommerce, one of the things that we all think at some  Hong Kong Phone Numbers List   point, usually when  How to improve  we are starting in this area, is that it is easier because we don’t have to try so hard to win customers, and that “just put it on the internet and it sells ” . . By ignoring customer service. Either by giving preference to other areas of your e-commerce, or, as previously mentioned, by believing in rumors, the store owner or manager can lose customers to competitors and, in the long run. Not have the result potential it should have. Personalized service is key Let’s get straight to the point: just as different treatment is effective in physical stores.


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Christopher Neiverth

In the predominantly virtual scenario of the modern world, the success of a business is directly proportional to the quality of the experience that its customer had when buying in ecommerce. For that: Study your target audience : pretty much the newspaper meme: “ what do Marketing List  they eat? Where they live? What are you doing? Friday at Globo Repórter ” Study what How to improve  they tend to buy. With Google Analytics, you have access to virtually everything your audience is looking for. If they’re looking for sneakers, add suggestions for socks or any related items during the shopping process. Try to know this, so you can attract even more people to your business, or strengthen the bond with existing customers. Add a chat service : Unfortunately every business will always have problems to face. Be it technical problems like a specific product having a blurred image, like the customer not knowing how exactly he can choose the product.

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