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Maximize the speed of your website Due to the huge amount of offers available in the virtual environment. Consumers who use the Internet to research products and services they want to purchase have a much more immediate behavior . Nowadays, these customers don’t have the patience to wait a long time for answers or even for the pages of their ecommerce to load. Following the logic of a customer in a physical store: the customer can spend 2 hours choosing clothes. 1 hour trying them on, but does not have the patience to spend 10 minutes in the checkout line. In the virtual store.Iit’s worse. Imagine having to browse a website that takes a long time to load the home. And each product takes forever to appear? Optimize your website. Don’t keep the customer waiting.

Maximize the speed

Click to create your store Excellence professionals Returning to the subject of service channels: what’s the use of having several channels if your agents don’t  Indian Phone Number List  provide a good service? Hire good professionals , and create specialized training for the service to qualify them. So that customer loyalty is guaranteed. Do not forget to establish an excellent organizational environment for the attendants. They are trying to make your customer’s life easier, make it easier for them too, so that they really feel comfortable, and wear the company’s shirt, without you worrying if they are really bringing good results and leads for your company.
Learn the path, then walk it The purchasing process must be effective, simple, and above all: fast .


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Click to create your store

Only ask for the information you really need to complete the purchase, name, address, phone number and payment details. Optional would be Marketing List  something like date of birth. If the person has to fill out a complete form, it is guaranteed that he will give up and buy from another retailer. Optimize not only speed, but also make it clear which path the customer should follow when choosing a product . There is no point in having a perfect product, together with an affordable price + shipping, if there is no clear “add to cart” and “checkout” button . After sales is just as important as the sale After the sale is completed, it’s crucial that you still maintain contact with the customer, not just before and during. After the sale , set up a thank you message along with status updates (issue of NFe, tracking, etc.), also sending an email thanking you .

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