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Without providing them, XYZ will not be able to properly fulfill the obligations arising from the Act on Employee Capital Plans, and the PPK participant, in turn, will not be able to properly use its rights guarantd by the PPK. ad. 2 With such an information obligation, it should not be difficult to complete the register of data processing activities. Let’s do it on the example of the activity “collecting and archiving PPK documentation.

Rule an e mail address is necessary

We already have the name of the activity, the next step is to indicate the organizational unit responsible for it. In many cases, this willĀ  be phone number list the Human Resources department. Then we have the purpose of processing – basically it will be the same as the name of the activity, so the matter is also simple. The next T&A point is data categories – we enter employees and contractors, then we have data categories – we indicate those that are in the PPK documentation, which must be archivd by the employer.

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Service In accordance with the indicated

Best PPK Na SA In addition, data will be disclosd only to cooperating entities with XYZ, providing IT or personnel support services. We Marketing List would also like to inform you that personal data will be stord for the period necessary to archive documentation regarding the statute of limitations for employee claims / relatd to participation in PPK. The data subject has the right to access their content, lodge a complaint with the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection, and additionally the right to rectify, delete or limit processing, as well as the right to object to processing and the right to transfer data – only in the cases providd for in the GDPR.

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