The most important trends in SEO for 2023

The definitive boom in online shopping, and the habits of many consumers changed forever. For this reason, google is focusing on improving online shopping experiences. With regard to online positioning, the main novelty is the shopping graph , a feature that allows sellers to obtain more visibility for their products and buyers to more easily find the products they are looking for. The shopping graph uses an ai-powered model that takes into account factors such as price, website, reviews, videos, or inventory data to display the most relevant products in real time . In addition, it allows you to search for products directly from images. To take full advantage of this seo trend, we recommend including relevant keywords in your product listings and alt text for images. Thus, you will make it easier for google to classify and display your products correctly. Screenshot 2022-12-02 at 13.36.35 google ‘s shopping graph .

Conversational queries

Another focus for google is understanding the complexities of natural language to deliver more efficient results . All this makes it possible to improve responses to voice searches, which are another of the great trends in seo for 2023. Voice search focuses on natural language processing (nlp) to understand how users search for content using their voice. To optimize your page for them, keep these recommendations in mind: optimize for phrases, not keywords. For example, instead of “best running shoes”, the voice search would be something like “what are the best running shoes?”. Create short answers to the most frequently asked Bahrain Whatsapp Number List questions by users. Try to answer the question in the first few sentences and go into detail later. Take regional differences into account , for example, some sneakers may be called “Playeros” in asturias and “Botines” in seville.

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Clip Markup and Seek Markup to improve the positioning of videos

Did you know that… More Marketing List than half of consumers use videos in their purchasing decisions? And also, users spend 88% more time on pages that contain videos. It is clear that video marketing is still a trend in 2023, so we have to integrate it into our seo strategy. Google has launched two video seo features that you cannot miss: clip markup: this technique allows you to highlight the key points of your video so that viewers can go directly to them. For example, if you have a video that contains a series of tips, you can mark the beginning of each one. Seek markup: this functionality tells google how your url structure works, so google can show key moments in your video and link to specific points. Unlike clip markup, with seek markup you don’t choose the key moments, they are selected automatically.

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