Experts in leadership and management will meet in a new edition of The Next About Digital Leaders

Iebs business school , the leading digital business school in online training. Presents the next about digital leaders , an online event in which visionary digital leaders. Will share their experiences and knowledge. About the futuristic, technological, innovative and humanistic skills necessary to create. A future of success at a time like the present: volatile, uncertain and changing. Among the speakers will be david tomás , ceo and co-founder of cyberclick. To give the keynote talk leading the happiest company in the world , on april 29 at 7:10 p,m.

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In spain. David has more than 20 years of Greece Whatsapp Number List experience in online marketing and advertising, email marketing, search engine marketing, lead generation, co-registrations, inbound marketing, marketing automation, social ads, mobile marketing, database management. He is the author of the books the world’s happiest company and diary of a millennial . You know, if you want to hear it, sign up for the event for free! David thomas in the new economic. Social and technological context in which we find ourselves. Digital leaders capable of understanding and causing. Whatsapp Mobile Number

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The world of work is undergoing great Marketing List  transformations and with it the concept of both personal and professional development is also changing. New methods are needed to understand the current big picture and know how to manage it in times of crisis. That is why the next about digital leaders was born, an event whose objective is to inspire attendees thanks to the story of digital leaders on how they apply digital technologies and how they direct change projects, in addition, they will reflect on leadership and business organization for a it was abundant.

What will the presentations talk about? The presentations will deal with topics as relevant and current as: business agility , a new management in the digital age, what will the relationship between human talent and the most successful companies be like? How to become the happiest company in the world, how to work culture remotely and the seven digital sins and the leadership required to confront them.

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