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As you know, all of us who are part of the cyberclick team work every day to be the happiest company in the world . And to be so, it is first necessary to find and define those things that are going to make us happier, since otherwise we would never be able to reach our goal. It is for this reason that, at the beginning of each quarter, the entire team meets and discusses our expectations and objectives for the next three months and what things we can do to improve compared to previous months.

In the last quarterly meetings, there was a recurring theme among all of us: one of the things that would help us to be happier is being able to spend time improving our foreign language skills , and especially english. An objective, a priori personal, but that became collective and that we have been working on in recent quarters. After trying different methods (academies, group classes, etc).

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In other words, integrate english “in the house”, have Iceland Whatsapp Number List contact with the language throughout our daily routine. And so kelly arrived , a young american with a degree in international business, who helps us with the generation of content in this language and gives us english classes (individual and group). This is the chronicle of his arrival: “when you arrive in a country completely different from yours, you have two options, maintain your own lifestyle or adapt to the customs of the local population. When I moved to barcelona I chose both, and little by little I have created a mixed lifestyle. This american/spanish lifestyle easily translates into the workplace.

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From the languages ​​I speak at mealtimes to Marketing List my culture and experiences have shaped me into an international-minded person, intrigued by the differences in the world. The methodology that I have used to carry out the classes and improve english levels in the workplace is based on my own experiences learning the spanish language. During my two years studying spanish in and out of class, I learned that the only way to become fluent was to integrate the new language into all aspects of my life. This idea is the fundamental basis of how I interact in the workplace and how I prepare classes. Since continually repeating theand simple conversations over coffee, to group discussions and debates on a wide variety of topics; everything I do in the workplace is for the purpose of improving fluency in english to increase business opportunities.

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