Google’s Micro Moments

Today, our customers live part of their daily experiences through their smartphones . Therefore, these are moments that are used to check what time. We have an appointment with the doctor or to share a photograph of a concert in which we are on our facebook profile. Google has named these moments of mobile experience as micro moments (micro moments). Google micro moments 91 % of people consult their mobile phone in the middle of work or some task they are doing . T

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The micro moments last a few seconds. Since Hong Kong Whatsapp Number List they arise from a strong feeling of need. For example, a micro-moment is when we want to cook a french omelette and when we go to look for the eggs, we discover in the fridge that we also have a can of spinach and we decide to check on our smartphone how we can make a spinach omelette. When we check the time it is, since we are in the middle of an exam and we want to control the time we have. Or when customers are in the middle of an online or in-store purchase and decide to check mobile recommendations before making their purchase decision.

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These types of moments, which require an Marketing List  instant response, are classified by google according to these 4 criteria : what I want to know where I want to go what I want to do what do I want to buy any current marketing strategy must take these occasions into account, since they can be opportunities to receive a like or to see high-interest content that our company has generated – native advertising . Being quick inquiries, our message must be brief and exceptional. The success of our brand will come from knowing how to understand the needs of our consumers in those micro moments.

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